Mitchel Matuszak - Sakura Nagashi
Track: Sakura Nagashi
Artist: Mitchel Matuszak
Album: Sakura Nagashi Single

Asuka Sakai, Charlie Kosei - Que Sera Sera
Track: Que Sera Sera
Artist: Asuka Sakai, Charlie Kosei
Album: Katamari Damacy Soundtrack


Que Sera SeraKatamari Damacy


yknow who needs some support? aromantic people.we grow up in a society where we’re taught that being in love is the best thing in the world and falling in love and getting married and having kids is literally the only thing you should want in life. and for aromantic people, or anyone on the aromantic spectrum, that’s just really, really shitty. 


do you ever have to backspace a reply because


our friendship level is not ready for that


Offensive things aren’t offensive merely because they hurt feelings - they’re offensive because they contribute to the societal harm of marginalized groups. The end goal isn’t to get everyone to love each other, it’s to destroy power imbalances.

Friend 1: What's the capital of Ohio
Friend 2: gozaimasu